Snap-On Dentures

Eating your favorite foods shouldn’t be a burden! New Age Dental in Jenkintown provides Snap-On Dentures that offer a stronger bite, more strength and stability. If you need top-quality dental care in the Philadelphia area that provides this and other services, come see us!

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What are Snap-On Dentures?

Snap-On dentures, sometimes called implant-supported dentures, are a type of denture that is supported by implants. These dentures are anchored to multiple implant posts within the mouth to prevent the dentures from slipping when eating or speaking. These implant posts are surgically placed into the jawbone, allowing the jawbone to fuse with the implant so your dentures can rest in your mouth like natural teeth.

They are a form of over-denture, which is a type of denture meant for patients that still have remaining teeth that don’t necessarily need to have removed. These dentures snap on over remaining teeth.

How Does Getting Snap-On Dentures Work?

First, you undergo surgery to receive dental implants. These implants are small metal screws that fix and eventually fuse to the jawbone for stability.

The jawbone may take a few months to grow around the implants. During this time, your dentist may have immediate dentures created for you so you can live relatively generally until the implants are ready for their snap-on dentures.

Many times, the dentist will attach a small locator piece to the implants. This part helps you easily locate where you’ll place your snap-on dentures, as well as provide a more stable base. This locator is typically set aside for a separate second surgery but in some cases, it can be put on at the same time as the implants.

Advantages of Snap-On Dentures

Snap-On dentures are generally useful for people who haven’t lost all their teeth and have most of their remaining teeth healthy enough to stay in their mouth. They are a little more expensive than regular dentures (although not by much), but they have several advantages:

  • Stability – they don’t loosen or slide around in your mouth
  • Better looking – since these are made to “fit” better, they may also hide lost gum tissue and make your smile look more natural

  • Easy maintenance – clean them every night with some water and mild soap

  • More confidence – you’ll be much more confident eating, speaking and living in general with dentures that don’t slide around

It’s essential to consider the additional costs and other factors you’ll incur to get these benefits. Snap-On dentures are expensive because of the extra step which is surgery.

Speaking of surgery, that’s another factor to consider. Snap-On dentures require surgery to place the implants, similar to if you were getting dental implants. Regular dentures don’t require surgery; the worst that happens is having your teeth pulled.

It’s important to discuss your options with a dentist. New Age Dental’s experts can help you look at all your options and pick the best solution for restoring your smile.

Snap-On Dentures in the Philadelphia and Surrounding Area

Snap-On dentures are an excellent alternative to regular dentures if you’re looking for more convenience and better stability.

If you’re interested in snap-on dentures in the Philadelphia area, schedule an appointment with New Age Dental! Our office is in Jenkintown, just north of Philadelphia.

We can answer any questions you might have and get you a well-fitting, good-looking set of snap-on dentures so you can get back your full set of teeth.