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What Are Dentures?

Dentures are mostly a set of replacement teeth that can be removed and placed back into your mouth whenever you need them. Now, they won’t feel exactly like your old teeth, but dentures have come a long way. Today’s dentures are quite close to the look and feel of your natural teeth, and they’re only getting better.

Full dentures use a flesh-colored base to look like your gums. The base of the lower denture is fitted to accommodate your tongue, while the upper portion of your dentures covers the roof of your mouth.

 There are several types of dentures:

  • Convention Full Denture – These are your standard full set of dentures. They are put in after removing any teeth that need to be removed and after your mouth has healed. Healing can take a few weeks to many months. However, you won’t need to get your dentures relined once you receive them.
  • Immediate Full Denture – Immediate dentures are put in right after your remaining teeth are removed. Although you don’t have to go toothless for months, you will have to schedule another appointment within a similar timeframe to get the dentures relined, as the bone will reshape as it heals. This type and conventional dentures are the two main types of dentures.

  • Partial Denture – Partial dentures don’t replace all your teeth, but only a few. The dentist attached a metal framework to your teeth so you can fix the denture on top. Dentists may also place crowns to enhance your smile’s look and help keep dentures in place. A great alternative to bridges if you’d like to remove them at certain times.

How Does Getting Dentures Work?

To get dentures, you first schedule an appointment to get impressions taken of your mouth. Your impressions are shipped out to a dental laboratory, where your dentures are custom-made to fit your mouth perfectly.

Typically, other preparations such as teeth removal and cleaning will be performed right after your impressions are taken. Alternatively, you schedule another appointment if you’d like.

If you get convention dentures, you’ll wait until your mouth and surrounding areas heal before you get your dentures. You will have to be toothless for a while with conventional dentures.

Immediate dentures help you get your teeth back right away, but you’ll need to schedule an appointment to get them relined a few months afterward to accommodate the reshaping of the jawbone.

How To Care For Dentures

Dentures don’t change when your mouth does; thus, they might get loose over time. Also, they wear down naturally from use. When this happens, they may need to be relined or rebased (creating a new base but keeping the teeth), so they fit snugly in your mouth.

Visit your dentist at least annually to get a checkup for your dentures.

As for daily care, there are several things you can do to make your dentures last:

  • Brush them – They aren’t real teeth, but they can still get stained like real teeth. Dirty dentures can also spread bacteria to other areas of the mouth, worsening oral health. Brush them daily. Also, brush the roof of your mouth, tongue, and gums before putting in your dentures to prevent plaque from getting trapped.
  • Don’t let them dry – When dentures dry out, they can lose their shape. Soak them in denture cleaning solution or water (not hot water, as that can make them change way) whenever you aren’t wearing them.

  • Be cautious and gentle – Dentures are fragile. When handling them, do so over a soft surface (like a towel) or some water, so they don’t break if dropped.

  • Visit your dentist for damage – Again, dentures are fragile. Let the trained professionals at New Age Dental fix any damage to your dentures.

How Long Do Dentures Take to Get Used to?

Dentures can take up to a few months to get adjusted.

At first, your dentures will feel a little funny in your mouth. Normal activities like eating or speaking might take extra concentration and practice before you master them.

The muscles in your cheeks and tongue will take some time to learn how to hold your dentures in place.

Other minor discomforts such as tongue room, extra saliva, and some minor soreness may occur as well. However, visit your dentist if pain or irritation persists.

Dentures in the Philadelphia Area

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