General Dentistry

New Age Dental serves the Philadelphia area with top-quality General Dentistry procedures such as check-ups, fillings, root canals and even cleanings. If you need services to maximize your oral health, come visit us at our Jenkintown office. We’re here to help!

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What is General Dentistry?

General dentistry is a giant selection of services meant to maximize your oral health and keep your smile shining bright for years to come. General dentistry includes both preventative services like cleanings and reactive procedures like root canals.

Keeping up with your oral health with general dentistry can save you a lot of time, stress, and pain down the road.

General Dentistry Services

Cleanings and Oral Exams

When you schedule an oral exam with us, we thoroughly examine your entire mouth and surrounding area for signs of tooth decay or oral disease.

Regular teeth cleanings are generally done immediately after the oral exam and ensure that you haven’t missed any hard-to-reach areas or stubborn plaque/food particles. Plus, they leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean for the rest of the day.

Fillings and Repairs

New Age Dental can repair teeth damaged through decay or trauma with fillings. No more toothaches, no more cavities, just a bright and healthy smile.

Tooth Extractions

Teeth may need to be extracted for several reasons.

Children may need baby teeth pulled if the teeth are especially stubborn and don’t fall out before the adult tooth grows in and/or are crowding the rest of the mouth. Wisdom teeth also need to be removed in most cases to prevent crowding. Advanced decay and trauma damage are also reasons to extract teeth from children.

As for adults, teeth are generally extracted due to excessive damage and decay. Sometimes, they’re also pulled for certain types of treatments like dentures.

Bridges and Dental Implants

The dentists at New Age Dental of Jenkintown can fix gaps in your smile with bridges and dental implants.

Bridges are false teeth anchored to neighboring teeth and it is a non-removable appliance.

They don’t require surgery, and the procedure is much quicker than dental implants.

Dental implants require surgery, but they’re much more permanent and durable because they fuse with your jawbone. High-quality implants can last a lifetime, and they’re a great alternative to bridges.


Dentures are full or partial sets of fake teeth and gums meant to imitate and blend in with your mouth, replacing missing teeth and giving you your smile back.

New Age Dental offers both full and partial dentures; whether one or two of your teeth are decayed or all your teeth need to be replaced, we have what you need.

Root Canals

Trauma or excessive tooth decay can lead to damage to the pulp and nerves in the inner tooth. When this happens, bacteria can make their way into the tooth and cause infection.

Root canals are a procedure performed to remove these damaged nerves and pulp. During the root canal, we extract the damaged material, clean the inside to remove any debris, and seal it back up so you can get back to a pain-free life.

Root canals are nowhere near as painful as many people think, thanks to local anesthetics; the needle used to apply the local anesthetic is the most painful part in many cases.

When Should You Visit the Dentist for General Dentistry?

It would be best if you were visiting the dentist at least once every six months to get an oral exam and have your teeth cleaned.

See, even the best oral hygiene routines can miss especially stubborn plaque and other foreign particles in the mouth. By coming in on a semi-annual basis, you can have a trained professional to get those hard to reach areas that your oral health routine couldn’t clean.

On top of that, dental problems are unique in that by the time you feel that something is wrong, it’s often too late to prevent that issue; cavities are an excellent example of this. The oral exam portion of the checkup can detect early warning signs of diseases and other oral maladies such as tooth decay or oral cancer.

General Dentistry in the Philadelphia Area

Are you looking for the best general dentistry services in the Philadelphia area? New Age dental offers top-quality dental services for any dental issues you may have.

Schedule an appointment with New Age Dental today! Our office is conveniently located just north of Philadelphia in Jenkintown.